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For over 40 years, Hochberg Urology–established in 1967, has been one of the most trusted and dependable sources of quality urologic care in the Tampa Bay area. We will continue to provide the same care your family has known for years. Our physicians and staff remain committed to providing outstanding, innovative and compassionate service.

Our physicians remain at the forefront of medical and surgical technology, specializing in robotic surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer, as well as minimally invasive prostate laser surgery for BPH. We provide a wealth of experience in treating a multitude of urologic conditions in both men and women, including Incontinence, Urinary Stones, Vasectomy, Vasectomy Reversal, Infertility, and Erectile Dysfunction and among others.

We know location is important and we have two for your convenience:
Midtown, near St Joseph’s Hospital on W. St. Isabel Street and North Tampa
on Van Dyke Road. Get Directions »

Hochberg & Weber office

We are also equipped to provide state of the art in-office diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services. Tell me more »

Hochberg & Weber office